Innovative Learning Conference - 2017
2017 Speakers
Speakers will continue to be updated. Check back for more. 

Greg Amrofell
Partner, Intentional Futures

Mark Applebaum
Professor of Music, Stanford University

 Susan Assouline

   Director, Belin-Blank Center
   Professor, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
   University of Iowa, College of Education

 Warren Berger
"A More Beautiful Question" 
 (Thursday & Friday)

 Jo Boaler 
 Professor, Stanford University, Graduate School of Education
 (Thursday & Friday)

 Martin Boroson

 One Moment Meditation

 Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris
 Founder, Center for Youth Wellness

Nicholas Colangelo
University of Iowa, College of Education
(Thursday & Friday)

Rich Crandall
Director, Intentional Futures

 Keith Devlin 
 Co-founder & Executive Director, H-STAR institute; co-founder, Stanford Media X research network
 Stanford University

David Flink
Eye to Eye

 Phillipe Goldin
 Assistant Professor, UC Davis, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

David Gould 
Director of Programming, Belin-Blank Center
University of Iowa
(Thursday & Friday)

 Fumiko Hoeft
 Associate Professor, Director of BrainLENS (Laboratory of Educational NeuroScience)
 UCSF School of Medicine

Sandra Kaplan

 Professor of Clinical Education, USC-Rossier School of Education
 (Thursday & Friday)

Heidi Kasevich
Director of Quiet Education, Quiet Revolution

  Dacher Keltner
  Professor, UC Berkeley
  Founder, Greater Good Science Center

 Barbara Kerr
 Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling, Psychology
 University of Kansas

Catherine Lewis
Mills College
(Thursday & Friday)

 Charles Limb 

  Professor, UCSF 


 Julie Lythcott-Haims
  Motivational Speaker, Educator
  Author, "Real American: A Memoir" and "How to Raise an Adult"

 Bruce McCandliss
  Professor, Stanford University, Graduate School of Education

 Dr. Lisa Miller 
  Professor, Psychology and Education, Columbia University, Teachers College
  Director, Clinical Psychology Program
  Founder, Spirituality Mind Body Institute

 Elizabeth Rood
  Vice President of Education Strategy, Bay Area Discovery Museum
  Director, Center for Childhood Creativity, Bay Area Discovery Museum
  (Thursday & Friday)

Larry Rosenstock
High Tech High

 Robert Sapolsky
  Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
  Author, "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" and "Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst"

 Akihiko Takahashi

 Professor, DePaul University, College of Education
 (Thursday & Friday)

Gia Truong 
Envision Education

Melina Uncapher
Assistant Professor of Neurology, UCSF
Director of Education Program, Neuroscape

Topher White
Conservation Technologist, Rainforest Connection

 Frank Worrell
  Professor, UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Education

Jamil Zaki
Professor of Psychology, Stanford University