Innovative Learning Conference
Damon Allswang (Thursday)
2nd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School
Greg Amrofell (Friday)
Co-Founder and Partner
Intentional Futures
Tony Anscombe (Friday)
Global Security Evangelist, Consultant
Mark Applebaum, PhD (Friday)
Professor of Music
Stanford University
Susan Assouline, PhD (Friday)
Director, Belin-Blank Center; Myron and Jacqueline Blank Endowed Chair in Gifted Education; Professor, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
University of Iowa, College of Education
Jeremy Bailenson, PhD (Friday)
Associate Professor and Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Stanford University
Alegria Barclay (Thursday)
PK-12 Equity & Social Justice Coordinator
The Nueva School
Joel Baum (Friday)
Senior Director of Professional Development
Gender Spectrum
Carolyn Becker, PhD (Friday)
Dept. Of Psychology, Trinity University
Warren Berger (Thursday & Friday)
Matt Berman (Thursday)
Fourth Grade Teacher / Website Director
The Nueva School
Jo Boaler, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
Stanford University, Graduate School of Education
Martin Boroson (Friday)
The One Moment Company
Pete Bowers, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
WordWorks Literacy Center
Christine Braun (Thursday)
I-Lab Manager and Engineer
Nueva School
Peter C Brown (Friday)
Zach Brown, PhD (Friday)
Executive Director
Inian Islands Institute
Nadine Burke Harris, MD (Friday)
Center for Youth Wellness
Erik Burmeister (Friday)
Menlo Park City School District
Yanira Canizales (Friday)
Head of School
Lodestar, A Lighthouse Community School
Mary Cantwell (Thursday)
Design Thinking Educator; Co-founder of #dtk12chat
Victor Carrion, MD (Friday)
John A. Turner, M.D. Professor; Director, Stanford Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program
Stanford University School of Medicine
Maureen Carroll, PhD (Thursday)
Founder, Lime Design; Lecturer,
Stanford University
Sin-Tung Chiu (Thursday)
Lower and Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher
The Nueva School
Nicholas Colangelo, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
Dean Emeritus, Belin-Blank Center
College of Education, University of Iowa
Rich Crandall (Friday)
Education Director
Intentional Futures
William Damon, PhD (Friday)
Professor and Director, Center on Adolescence
Stanford University
Charlotte Danielson (Friday)
Founder of the Danielson Group
Al Davies (Thursday)
LS, MS & US I-Lab Engineer
The Nueva School
Ellen Deutscher (Thursday)
Educator; Co-founder of #dtk12chat
Keith Devlin, PhD (Friday)
Executive Director, H-STAR institute; co-founder, Stanford Media X research network
Stanford University
Scott Ellis (Friday)
Mastery Track
K. Anders Ericsson, PhD (Friday)
Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology
Florida State University
Fred Estes (Thursday)
Lower School Science Coordinator & Teacher
The Nueva School
David Flink (Friday)
Chief Empowerment Officer
Eye to Eye National
Saraleah Fordyce (Thursday)
Adjunct Faculty in Graduate Design and Critical Studies
California College of the Arts
Hillary Freeman (Thursday)
Director, Internship Programs/Ninth Grade Dean
The Nueva School
Shelley Friedkin (Friday)
Researcher, Lesson Study Group
Mills College
Allen Frost, PhD (Thursday)
Upper School English Teacher
The Nueva School
Carolee Fucigna (Thursday)
PreK Teacher and CADP Coordinator
The Nueva School
Ericka Fur (Thursday)
Upper School Learning Support Specialist
The Nueva School
Derrick Gay, EdD (Friday)
Education Consultant
Jeff Gilbert (Friday)
Marrakech House, Hillsdale High School
Philippe Goldin, PhD (Friday)
Assistant Professor
UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
David Gould (Thursday & Friday)
Administrator at the Belin-Blank International Center and the Provost’s Office of Outreach and Engagement; Honors Faculty
University of Iowa
Michelle Grau (Thursday)
Technology, Innovation Design & Engineering Coach
The Nueva School
Brian Greenberg (Friday)
Chief Executive Officer
Silicon Schools Fund
Laurie Gross (Friday)
Makerspace Teacher
Willow Oaks School, Ravenswood School District
Lana Guernsey (Friday)
Educational Strategy Consultant
Centio Communications
Amy Guggenheim Shenkan (Friday)
President and COO
Common Sense Media
Edward (Ned) Hallowell, MD, EdD (Friday)
Child and Adult Psychiatrist, Learning Differences Expert
Founder of The Hallowell Centers
Lisa Hinshelwood, PhD (Thursday)
Lower School SEL Teacher
The Nueva School
Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD (Friday)
Associate Professor, Director of BrainLENS (Laboratory of Educational NeuroScience)
UCSF School of Medicine
Jacqueline Hurd (Friday)
Lesson Study Coach and Author
Silicon Valley Math Initiative
Nico Janik (Friday)
Makerspace/Engineering Coordinator
Ravenswood City School District
Courtney Johnson (Thursday)
Upper School Art Teacher
The Nueva School
Lauri Jones (Thursday)
Art and Design Thinking Teacher
The Westminster Schools
Sandra Kaplan, EdD (Thursday & Friday)
Professor of Clinical Education
USC — Rossier School of Education
Heidi Kasevich, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
Director of Education
Quiet Revolution
Katie Kelly (Thursday)
3rd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School
Dacher Keltner, PhD (Friday)
Professor; Founder, Greater Good Science Center
UC Berkeley
George Kembel (Thursday & Friday)
Co-founder and managing director; DGLOBAL.ORG
Stanford University,
Barbara Kerr, PhD (Friday)
Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling, Psychology
University of Kansas
Neeru Khosla (Friday)
Co-founder and Chair
CK12 Foundation
Chip Kimball (Friday)
Singapore American School
Maria Klawe, PhD (Friday)
Harvey Mudd College
Peter Koehler, PhD (Thursday)
Lower & Middle School Math Teacher
The Nueva School
Cynthia Kosut (Thursday)
Middle School Humanities Teacher/8th Grade Dean
The Nueva School
Veena Krishnan, PhD (Thursday)
Upper School Math and Science Teacher
The Nueva School
Mark Kushner (Friday)
Head of School
Impact School
Jennifer Harvey Ladinsky (Thursday)
Reading Specialist, Mindfulness Instructor
Palo Alto Unified School District
Robert Landau (Thursday & Friday)
Two Roads Education LLC
David Levy, PhD (Friday)
University of Washington, Information School
Catherine Lewis, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
Distinguished Research Scholar
Mills College
Sophia Liang (Friday)
Graphic Facilitator and Founder
Graphic Footprints
Sara Liebert (Friday)
Instructional Reform Coordinator and Teacher
San Francisco Unified School District
Charles Limb, MD (Friday)
UC San Francisco
Connie Liu (Thursday)
Associate I-Lab Teacher
The Nueva School
Dalton Lobo Dias (Thursday)
6th Grade Science Teacher
The Nueva School
D. Scott Looney (Friday)
Head of School
Hawken School
Rebecca Loveless (Thursday)
LS Structured Word Inquiry Coach
The Nueva School
Julie Lythcott-Haims (Friday)
Educational Speaker, Educator, Author
Simone Marean (Friday)
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Girls Leadership Institute
Kevin Mattingly, PhD (Friday)
Professor; Director of Co-Curriculum
Columbia Teachers College; Riverdale School
Tom McFadden (Thursday)
Middle School Science Teacher
The Nueva School
Danielle McReynolds-Dell (Thursday)
Upper School Math Teacher
The Nueva School
Kelly Mendoza (Friday)
Professional Development Program Manager
Common Sense Media
Erin Metcalf (Thursday)
3rd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School
Lisa Miller, PhD (Friday)
Professor, Psychology and Education; Director, Clinical Psychology Program; Founder, Spirituality Mind Body Institute
Columbia University, Teachers College
Emily Mitchell (Thursday)
1st Grade Teacher
The Nueva School
Zubin Mobedshahi (Thursday)
Lower School PE Teacher
The Nueva School
Sam Modest (Thursday)
2nd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School
Micia Mosely, PhD (Friday)
Educator, Speaker, Performer
Director, The Black Teacher Project
Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet (Friday)
Co-Founder and Vice-President of Program Development and Training
My Digital TAT2
Amanda Mudde (Thursday)
Upper School Math Teacher
The Nueva School
Jim Munzenrider (Thursday & Friday)
Middle School Music Teacher/Tech/Advisor/Academies
The Nueva School
Lori Mustille (Thursday)
4th Grade Teacher
The Nueva School
Julia Myrick (Thursday)
Art and Design Thinking Teacher
The Westminster Schools
Claire Mysko (Friday)
National Eating Disorder Association
Mike Peller (Thursday)
Assistant Head of Upper School for Student Life/Director of Global Initiatives
The Nueva School
Jennifer Perry (Thursday)
Middle School Writing and Study Skills Teacher
The Nueva School
Erin Raab (Friday)
Co-founder and Executive Director
Sally Reis (Friday)
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
University of Connecticut
Jenny Rinn (Thursday)
Lower School Director
Brandeis School
Elizabeth Rood, EdD (Friday)
VP, Education Strategy; Director, Center for Childhood Creativity
Bay Area Discovery Museum
Larry Rosenstock (Friday)
CEO, Founding Principal
HighTech High
Bernie Roth, PhD (Friday)
Co-Founder, Academic Director
Stanford d.School
Lora Saarnio (Thursday)
LS Math/Technology Specialist
The Nueva School
Rush Sabiston Frank (Thursday)
Director, SELected Sessions + Workshops
Institute for SEL
Robert Sapolsky, PhD (Friday)
John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Professor and Professor of Biology, of Neurology & Neurological Sciences, and of Neurosurgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
Kim Saxe (Thursday)
Director, K-12 Innovation Labs
The Nueva School
Andrew Saxe, PhD (Friday)
Swartz Postdoctoral Fellow for Theoretical Neuroscience
Center for Brain Science, Harvard University
Sheri Lyn Schmidt, EdD (Friday)
Social Justice Educator
Barbara Scott (Friday)
Lesson Study Coordinator
Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
Jen Selby (Thursday)
Middle & Upper School Computer Science Teacher
The Nueva School
Carl Shan (Thursday)
Computer Science Teacher
The Nueva School
Emily Shepard (Friday)
Graphic Facilitator and Teacher
The Graphic Distillery
Marc Smolowitz (Friday)
Independent Filmmaker
Olatunde Sobomehin (Thursday)
CEO/Lead Servant
StreetCode Academy
Lisa Kay Solomon (Friday)
Chair of Transformational Practices and Leadership
Singularity University
Jennifer Sparrow (Thursday & Friday)
Deputy Superintendent
Singapore American School
Eric Stade, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
Professor of Mathematics
University of Colorado
Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD (Friday)
Clinical psychologist, school consultant, speaker, and author; research associate, Harvard Medical School
Craig Strang (Thursday)
Associate Director for Learning and Teaching
The Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California Berkeley
Beth Sutkus Thompson (Friday)
Executive Director
KIPP Bay Area Schools
Scott Swaaley (Thursday)
I-Lab Assistant Director/Engineer
The Nueva School
Akihiko Takahashi, PhD (Thursday & Friday)
De Paul University, College of Education
Theodore Theodosopoulos (Thursday)
Math Teacher
The Nueva School
Karen Tiegel (Thursday)
Middle School Writing Teacher
The Nueva School
Janice Toben (Thursday)
Institute for SEL
Melina Uncapher, PhD (Friday)
Assistant Professor of Neurology; Director of Education Program, Neuroscape
Bruce Van Patter (Thursday & Friday)
Graphic Recorder and President
BVP Illustration Inc.
Melinda Walker (Friday)
Graphic Facilitator
One Squiggly Line
Anthony Weeks (Friday)
Graphic Facilitator, Visual Storyteller
Justin Wells (Friday)
Executive Director
Envision Learning Partners
Alison Williams (Thursday)
Equity & Social Justice Associate Teacher
The Nueva School
Daniel Willingham, PhD (Friday)
Professor Of Psychology
University of Virginia
Andra Yeghoian (Friday)
Environmental Education Coordinator
San Mateo County Office of Education
Claire Yeo (Thursday)
Upper School English Teacher
The Nueva School
Lelia Youn (Thursday)
MS Science Teacher/Summer Camp Coordinator
The Nueva School
Jamil Zaki, PhD (Friday)
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Director of Social Neuroscience Laboratory
Stanford University