Innovative Learning Conference
2015 ILC Speakers

Susan Assouline
Director, Belin-Blank Center Professor, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
University of Iowa, College of Education

Bob Bain 
Associate Professor, School of Education; Associate Professor, Department of History, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
University of Michigan

Jeremy Bailenson
Associate Professor and Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Stanford University

Phil Ballinger 
Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment and Undergraduate Admissions
University of Washington

Steve Barrett 
Director of Outreach, Wildwood School

Stephen Beal
President, California College of the Arts

Warren Berger
Author, "A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas"

Matt Berman 
4th Grade Teacher/Website Director
The Nueva School

Anna Blinstein 
Middle School & Upper School Math Teacher/10th Grade Dean
The Nueva School

Jo Boaler
Professor, Stanford University, Graduate School of Education

Martin Boroson
Founder, One Moment Meditation

Pete Bowers
Founder, WordWorks Literacy Center; Author of "Teaching How the Written Word Works"

Thyra Briggs 
Vice President Admission and Financial Aid
Harvey Mudd College

Pamela Briskman 
Director of Curriculum, Galileo Learning

John Seely Brown
Independent Co-Chairman
USC - Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation

Erik Burmeister 
Principal, Hillview Middle School

Camille Caron 
Senior Business Development and Product Manager, Project Ignite, Autodesk

Nicole Cerra 
Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Founder; Founding Teacher — English
Design Tech High School

Katie Chapman 
3rd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School

Stacey Childress 
Chief Executive Officer
NewSchools Venture Fund

Sin-Tung Chiu 
Music Specialist
The Nueva School

Becki Cohn-Vargas 
Director, Not In Our Schools

Cory Combs 
Director of Outreach, Music, & Enrichment
The Nueva School

Ann Cooper 
Author, Chef, Educator, and Public Speaker
Chef Ann Foundation

Megan Cowan 
Co-Founder and Program Director
Mindful Schools

William Damon 
Professor and Director of Stanford Center on Adolescence
Stanford University

Amanda Day-Alonzo 
Assistant Head of Upper School/Upper School Science Teacher
The Nueva School

Michael De Sousa 
Principal, Leadership Public Schools, Hayward Campus

Keith Devlin
Co-founder & Executive Director, H-STAR institute; co-founder, Stanford Media X research network
Stanford University

Stephanie Englehaupt 
Lower School Math Specialist
The Nueva School

Fred Estes 
Lower School Science Coordinator & Teacher
The Nueva School

Megan Foley Nicpon
Associate Professor, University of Iowa, College of Education

Saraleah Fordyce 
Professor, California College of the Arts

Erica Fortescue 
Associate Director, Center for Childhood Creativity

Ben Foss 
Author, Activist, and Entrepreneur

Allen Frost 
Upper School English
The Nueva School

Carolee Fucigna 
PreK Teacher CADP Coordinator
The Nueva School

Alyssa Gallagher 
Assistant Superintendant
Los Altos School District

Vida Mia Garcia 
Ethnographer / Moderator, Red Cover Studios

Christopher Gardner 
Professor (Research) of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center

Adam Gazzaley
Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Philippe Goldin 
Assistant Professor, UC Davis, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Thomas Gonzalez
Teacher, Oakland Unified School District

Michelle Grau 
Technology, Innovation Design & Engineering Coach
The Nueva School

Brian Greenberg
Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Schools Fund

Ned Hallowell
Child and Adult Psychiatrist, Learning Differences Expert
Founder of The Hallowell Centers

Georgia Heard 
Writer, poet, and founding member of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Lisa Hinshelwood
Lower School SEL Teacher
The Nueva School

Fumiko Hoeft
Associate Professor, Director of BrainLENS (Laboratory of Educational NeuroScience)
UCSF School of Medicine

Lee Holtzman 
Upper School Teacher/Futures Coach
The Nueva School

Abigail Joseph 
K-12 Computer Science Teacher
The Nueva School

Sandra Kaplan 
Professor of Clinical Education
USC, Rossier School of Education

Scott Barry Kaufman 
Scientific Director, Imagination Institute
University of Pennsylvania

David Kelley 

George Kembel 
Global Director, Co-Founder
Stanford University,

Barbara Kerr 
Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling, Psychology
University of Kansas

Sally Keyes 
Professional Development Director
Silicon Valley Math Initiative

Marilyn Kimura 
Librarian/Admissions Tours/5th Grade Advisor/Academies
The Nueva School

Peter Koehler
Lower & Middle School Math Teacher
The Nueva School

Emily Kolatch 
Lower School Division Head
The Nueva School

Smita Kolhatkar 
Educational Technology Teacher
Palo Alto Unified School District

David Levy 
Professor, University of Washington, Information School

Jeanne Liedtka 
United Technologies Corporation Professor of Business Administration
University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business

Susanna Loeb 
Barnett Family Professor of Education, Faculty Director of Center for Education Policy Analysis, Co-director of Policy Analysis for California Education
Stanford University

Susan Lyon 
Founder, The Innovative Teacher Project
Mills College

Julie Lythcott-Haims 
Author, How to Raise an Adult; Motivational Speaker; Educator

Riley Maddox 
Mathematics Teacher, The Urban School

Tom Maiorana 
Founder and Designer, Red Cover Studios

Simone Marean 
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Girls Leadership Institute

Bruce McCandliss 
Professor, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University

Raymond McCauley 
Chair of the Biotech Track at Singularity University; Founder of Playtpus Project; Principal at Exponential Biosciences

Tom McFadden
Middle School Science Teacher/Advisor/Academies
The Nueva School

Angela McKee 
Project Manager - Future Dining Experience
San Francisco Unified School District

Molly McMahon 
Program Lead, The Teachers Guild

Lisa Miller 
Professor, Psychology and Education; Director, Clinical Psychology Program; Founder, Spirituality Mind Body Institute
Columbia University, Teachers College

Zubin Mobedshahi 
Lower School PE Teacher
The Nueva School

Sam Modest 
2nd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School

Vicki Moore 
Education Director, Living Classroom

Jim Morrison 
PreK-11 Project Specialist
The Nueva School

Jim Munzenrider 
Middle School Music Teacher/Tech/Advisor/Academies
The Nueva School

Lori Mustille 
4th Grade Teacher
The Nueva School

Beth Noonan 
Learning Specialist
The Nueva School

Sara Norris 
Associate Director of STEM Education & Partnerships
Center for Childhood Creativity

Orla O’Keeffe 
Executive Director of Policy and Operations
San Francisco Unified School District

Ali Partovi 
Co-founder, and "Hour of Code"

Mike Peller 
Assistant Head of Upper School/US Teacher/Assistant Director of Admissions
The Nueva School

Avery Pickford 
Middle School Math Teacher/Advisor/Academies/6th Grade Dean
The Nueva School

Denise Pope 
Senior Lecturer and Co-Founder, Challenge Success
Stanford University

Robert Poynton 
Author, facilitator, consultant, coach, and founder of On Your Feet

Robert Pronovost 
STEM Lead Coordinator
Ravenswood City School District, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Carla Pugliese 
Middle School Humanities Teacher/Advisor/7th Grade Dean
The Nueva School

Arun Ramanathan
CEO, Pivot Learning Partners

Dominic Randolph 
Head of School
Riverdale Country School

Laraine Ray 
Kindergarten Teacher
The Nueva School

Liza Raynal 
Middle School Division Head
The Nueva School

Zetta Reicker 
Director of Student Nutrition Services
San Francisco Unified School District

Sally Reis 
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Connecticut

Jenny Rinn 
3rd Grade Teacher
The Nueva School

Dan Roam 
Author, Digital Roam Inc.

Art Rodriguez 
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Vassar College

Elizabeth Rood 
Vice President Education Strategy, Bay Area Discovery Museum
Director, Center for Childhood Creativity

Geoff Ruth 
Academic Dean, The Urban School

Lora Saarnio 
LS Math/Technology Specialist
The Nueva School

Rush Sabiston Frank 
Institute for SEL

Mark Salkind 
Head of School, The Urban School

Robert Sapolsky 
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
Author, "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers"

Kim Saxe 
Director, K-12 Innovation Labs
The Nueva School

Michael Schurr 
Riverdale Country School

Emma Scripps 
Program Designer, The Teachers Guild

Jen Selby 
Middle & Upper School Computer Science Teacher/MS Advisor/Academy Leader
The Nueva School

Kyle Shaffer
Principal, KIPP Excelencia Community Prep

Tiffany Shlain 
Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby Awards Founder

Stephanie Snyder 
Upper School English Teacher/Co-Advisor
The Nueva School

Olatunde Sobomehin 
Director of Vision & Innovation and Co-Founder
Esface, Inc.

Dorothy M. Steele 
Executive Director (Retired)
Stanford University, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Laurence Steinberg 
Distinguished University Professor, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology
Temple University

Catherine Steiner-Adair
Clinical psychologist, school consultant, speaker and author

Megan Terra 
Director of the Innovative Teacher Development Program
The Nueva School

Karen Tiegel 
Middle School Writing/Advisor/Assistant Director of Admissions
The Nueva School

Janice Toben 
Co-founder, Institute for SEL

Glen Tripp
Founder & CEO, Galileo Learning

Kelsey Vrooman
Director of Educational Technology, The Urban School

Aron Walker 
Upper School Chemistry Teacher/Advisor
The Nueva School

Stacey Wang
Director of Personalized Learning, Oakland Unified School District

Steve Westwood 
Technology, Innovation Design & Engineering Coach
The Nueva School

Jennifer White 
Upper School English & Literature Teacher
The Nueva School

Nancy Cushen White 
Clinical Professor, Teacher, and Learning Disabilities Specialist
University of California San Francisco, Department of Pediatrics

Susie Wise 
K12 Lab Network Director, Stanford University

Frank Worrell 
Professor, UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Education

Lelia Youn 
Associate Science Teacher
The Nueva School

Ric Zappa 
Head of Schools and Character Development
KIPP Bay Area Schools